Biggest VFX Oscar Snubs

93rd Academy Awards is almost here. Here's our list of the biggest best-Visual effects snubs in Oscar history


Starship Troopers

Released in 1997 The CGI bugs alone had 250 shots. The most Vfx shots are handled by major studios Tippett Studios, Amalgamated Dynamics, Sony Image works, ILM, Boss Film studios.Starship Troopers lost VFX Oscar to Titanic Graphic


War of the Worlds

Released in 2005,the post-production lasted only 12 weeks War of the worlds created a trend that quality CGI will be created by a short amount of time. War of the Worlds lost VFX Oscar to King Kong
vfx winner



released in 2007. ILM created about three-fourths of the special FX (450 shots), Digital Domain created another 95.Transformers lost VFX Oscar to The Golden Compass

vfx oscar


'Aquaman' Dropped From 2019 Oscars VFX Shortlist James Wan said ‘Aquaman’ Not Getting Best VFX Oscar Nom Is a ‘F*cking Disgrace’


Avengers: Endgame

Released in 2019 nearly 2,500 out of roughly 2,700 shots in the film contain VFX. 1917 Beat Avengers: Endgame For Best Visual Effects



Oscar VISUAL EFFECTS nominees for this year are Love and Monsters,The Midnight Sky,Mulan,The One and Only Ivan, Tenet. Aricle source Wikipedia,Gif credits : Image credits: Pixabay